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Freedom AccountThe Freedom Account offers online accounts designed to work seamlessly with the Freedom Drive providing encrypted email, messaging, voice and video calls. Sign up is anonymous, we never ask for, or know, your location, name or phone number.

Two email accounts with your choice of username. One to be used with the Hardened Desktop, and one when you require Deep Cover. Your SIP account provides the services required for encrypted messaging, voice and video communication, and no backdoors. See it here.

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While the products we mention are packaged with the Freedom Drive and are not part of the Freedom Account, they are used together to seamlessly provide you with services. One won’t work without the other, so we have outlined them here. We only use open source products as the thousands of eyes that review open source code make it almost impossible that they have a backdoor or any malware.

Caution: While you are free to download and use any of the open-source products installed on our Freedom Drive, consider that for any product to be safe, it must be configured properly. If you want to set up one of these products on your own and are not familiar with the risks and benefits, we have prepared detailed instructions and recommendations that are available for free in our Configuration Guide.

The Hardened desktop:
Freedom DriveJitsi is our open-source product of choice for messaging, voice and video. While similar to Skype, it has not been compromised as Skype was widely reported to have been. Reports include that Microsoft did provide the NSA with a backdoor that allowed the NSA to decrypt and record Skype Voice and Video calls. With open-source products like Jitsi, you can’t open up to anyone, what does not exist.

Warning! Jitsi supports many other protocols, some unsafe. See our Configuration Guide for more information.

KMail is our open-source product of choice for email. After considerable research and discussion, we decided to use KMail, which comes pre-installed with Kubuntu, as our mail client on the Hardened Desktop. KMail is safe and has a familiar look-and-feel to Windows users. Like any product, to be safe, it must be configured properly. KMail supports PGP encrypted email and integrates with Kontact, an Outlook-like product for personal information management.

Hint: We highly recommend that you use POP3 and automatically delete your emails as soon as they are downloaded to your Freedom Drive. You should never leave your emails on any server longer than you have to. Subject lines are not encrypted. Never use subject lines that provide any clue as to the encrypted contents of your email.

The Deep Cover Desktop:
Deep Cover DesktopThe Deep Cover Desktop supports the Tor and JonDonym anonymization networks. These networks add onion routing/mixers to further obscure your location and identity. Tor is a free service but performance is slow. JonDonym offers free and paid services. The free service is slower and uses fewer mixers. The paid service is considerably faster and offers additional anonymization using more mixers.

Tor Network

The following applications have been pre-configured to route internet traffic through the Tor Network.

Tor Browser: Provides a safe browsing experience using a hardened version of Mozilla’s Firefox Browser designed specifically to pass all internet traffic through the Tor Network.

Email: We have pre-configured the popular Thunderbird email client with the TorBirdy, so that your location is always obscured by Tor when sending and receiving emails. Included with the Freedom Accounts is a second email account for use with Deep Cover. PGP encryption is recommended and included when we configure it for you. POP3 mail support deletes your email from the server as soon as you download it to the safety of your Freedom Drive.

Messaging: Quoting Wikipedia, TorChat “is a decentralized anonymous instant messenger that uses Tor hidden services as its underlying Network. It provides cryptographically secure text messaging and file transfers”.


JonDoFox: A profile that hardens Mozilla’s Firefox Browser that can be used on its own or with the JonDonym or Tor Network. Our recommended configuration is to use it with JonDonym. If you use our configuration service, we will configure it for you.

EMail: JonDoFox provides numerous links to both permanent and one-time use email accounts.  If you would like to use Thunderbird with JonDonym, it is also supported by the TorBirdy.

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