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Freedom BloggingHave something to say, but worried about an IRS audit? We’ve got the solution. Let us host your blog for you in Amsterdam.

Designed to work hand in hand with our Freedom Drive, your identity and location will be unknown, even to us. We offer low cost blogs, and in certain cases we will host your blog for free.

We use the world’s favorite blogging software, WordPress, which means you will be up and blogging in no time. And even though you will be blogging from a secure, offshore website anonymously, our prices are in-line with standard U.S.-based blog hosting, without the audit. Want to use your own domain name? No problem.

The Freedom Bundle was designed to work hand in hand with our Freedom Blogging packages to keep you anonymous while blogging. If your anonymity is a factor, we highly recommend that you protect yourself with our Freedom Bundle or anonymity software you fully trust while blogging.

Please note that we have limited certain plugins and themes in order to keep your blog both safe and anonymous. We don’t believe that the vast majority of our bloggers will miss them, but just in case, we offer a 30-day, no questions asked refund.

Visit our store, the Freedom Express, for the latest pricing and to get your Freedom Blog in Amsterdam.

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