Freedom Bundle

Freedom BundleClick and Go…

Get a Freedom Drive, Freedom Account and Freedom Config, all preconfigured with your choice of identities (if available) delivered right to your front door.

Your personal PGP key, encrypted email, messaging, voice, video calls and safe, private, anonymous, Internet browsing.

The Freedom application stack is ready to go, pre-installed on the high-performance Flash Drive of your choice. Optionally, we can handle registering and seamlessly connecting you to premium VPN and JonDonym services.

We understand that the technologies used to both hack and protect you may be intimidating. We also know, you know, you need online protection. Your security and anonymity are just one click away. Welcome to the Freedom Bundle; save big with our bundled price!

Please visit our store, the Freedom Express, for the latest pricing information or go directly to our Signup & Configure page. For more information on the included products see:

Be sure to check out our Security Guide to better understand what is lurking out there, just waiting to pounce on your identity, privacy and freedom of speech.

Pro Bono: The Freedom Drive has been made available as a free product for those that can’t afford to have it configured for them. We have also published the same detailed, step by step instructions we use, to help you create a secure environment with all of the features of the Freedom Drive. Please visit our Downloads Website to get a free Freedom Drive. Be sure to review our Configuration Guide for instructions on how to best configure it. We highly recommend that you also read our Security Guide before you begin, as one mistake can jeopardize your security and anonymity.

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