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Freedom ConfigIf you prefer, we can professionally set up your Freedom Drive and connect it to your Freedom Account. The ready-to-go Freedom Drive of your choice will be delivered right to your door.

You simply visit our store, the Freedom Express, and select the Freedom Bundle where you will enter your choice of high-performance Flash Drive and the following information that is used to configure both your Freedom Drive and your Accounts.

What’s included

We install our version of Portable VirtualBox along with our custom loader. Our loader provides one-click access of the Freedom Drive.

Install our version of an encrypted Kubuntu Operating System Appliance, complete with a custom suite of applications tested to meet our vigorous standards for safety and anonymity. Additional hardening of the Virtual Appliance includes a professionally installed firewall designed to allow familiar usage while keeping unauthorized sending of your personal information and a very high degree of protection from hackers and backdoors.

Freedom Host: Also provided on your Freedom Drive is a bootable Debian Linux Host on the Freedom Drive. Because of the number of attacks on MS Windows and the reputable sources that have reported Microsoft has provided access to this backdoor to the NSA and other government agencies, we believe that our Freedom Host offers a far safer environment for our users. We also know that it is not a viable solution for all users. Please see the Freedom Host page for more information.

Two account IDs and two passwords.

The first password will be used to encrypt your operating system to ensure that your documents, email and online history is protected from prying eyes. The second password is used for your login and can be changed by you at any time.

The first id is used as your username for the Kubuntu Operating System. It is also used as your id for your primary email, messaging, voice and video accounts. The passwords for all online accounts are generated by LastPass to isolate damages if a website’s security is compromised (hacked).

We will then create your PGP encryption key

This key will be used with your two email clients and SIP messaging, voice and video clients to provide encrypted communication.

Note: Using our recommended configuration, your PGP encrypted messages will pass through an SSH tunnel, connected via a TLS tunnel, and inside two encrypted VPN tunnels. Under deep cover, Tor onion routing or JonDonym mixing can also be added.


  1. We will install up to three layers of additional encryption via TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt also offers a false bottom option for plausible deniability. Should you be forced to disclose your password, the “false bottom” and its contents are still hidden.
  2. We can sign you up for a VPN service that offers two separate, simultaneous connections. If you want two separate VPN providers to provide even more obfuscation, we can accommodate you.
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