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Freedom DriveThe Freedom Drive is an excellent resource to protect your location, identity, documents and communication, and does it with one click.

A fully encrypted operating system, complete with desktop and applications, running in a protected box, inside Windows or Linux.

A portable virtual machine (Freedom Machine) installed and run from an encrypted flash drive. Load it with one click, and when you shut it down, it doesn’t leave a trace that it was ever there. The Freedom Machine references the Virtual Machine (VM) loaded from the Freedom Drive (high-speed USB flash drive).

Before we go on with information for advanced users, we wanted to make it clear that the Freedom Drive is a click and go application. Just insert your Freedom Drive into a USB port, click “FreedomMachine” from the menu, and enter your password. In about a minute, your Freedom Machine is booted and good to go.

The perfect companion to the Freedom Drive is our Freedom Account, which we can professionally configure it for you. See our Freedom Bundle and save time and a few Bitcoins. With the Freedom Bundle, we configure your Freedom Drive and Freedom Account for you and deliver it right to your door. So to use your Freedom products, you just insert the drive and with one click you’re up and running. Your new applications are seamlessly connected with our anonymous and encrypted email, messaging, voice and video services.

Check out the great selection of secure values at our store, the Freedom Express.

Freedom Host: Also provided on your Freedom Drive is a bootable Debian Linux Host. Because of the number of attacks on MS Windows and the reputable sources that have reported Microsoft has provided access to this backdoor to the NSA and other government agencies, we believe that our Freedom Host offers a far safer environment for our users. We also know that it is not a viable solution for all users. Please see the Freedom Host page for more information.


When we say encryption, we mean encryption that can exceed U.S. Military requirements for Top Secret Documents. This encryption protects your flash drive, operating system, documents and communication.

Even with high level encryption, the safest security is physical security. Your entire new digital life is on a high-performance device the size of your thumb that you carry with you.

If you drop it in the ocean, did it ever exist?

Level I (“Hardened” Desktop) is designed for encrypted high performance VPN through VPN tunnelling to protect you from attacks while keeping your location (IP+) unknown to prying eyes. Level II (“Deep Cover” Desktop) adds anonymizing and onion routing to provide heightened security and location masking for users like whistle blowers and information sources.

When you use a high-quality VPN provider, you will be allowed simultaneous connections to its service. Here’s an example of how to use this powerful capability. Connect to a U.S. host drawing minimal attention,  then without anyone knowing it, including your ISP, your Freedom Machine connects to an offshore VPN, tunnelling stealthily through the host VPN. Pay once, get double the protection.

Encryption is always available for your communications whether it be voice calls, video calls, emails or messaging. All communication at level one or level two is protected by VPN encryption and IP cloaking.

When you switch to Deep Cover (Ctrl+F2), all of your communication is additionally anonymized by passing it through the Tor or JonDonym networks. Tor was originally designed by the U.S. Navy to protect agents in hostile territories, and is free. JonDonym offers both free and higher-speed/higher-anonymity paid accounts.

Your virtual machine (VM) will be running a secure, encrypted, Debian Linux-based operating system right inside your host computer. As most of our users are familiar with MS Windows, we have chosen versions of Linux that closely resemble Windows 7.

The Operating System, like the virtual machine and many of the full suite of applications, have been hardened and software that posed an unwarranted security risk has been removed from the application stack. Our goal was to provide you with a highly secure, yet user-friendly environment.

Every product in the Freedom Drive is open-source meaning that literally thousands of eyes have reviewed the software to ensure that it contains no back doors or malware.

Also installed is a professionally configured firewall as well as an openVPN component ready to connect to your VPN or ours. Even anti-virus software is included to check your host’s drives, for example, before you load any of its files.

The firewall is pre-set to allow only white-listed, pre-installed applications. If an application requires network access (Internet), it is further restricted to only use those ports that it actually requires. This drastically reduces the attack surface available to rogue applications, malware and hackers.

Above military grade file shredding is provided. While this is not necessary on your encrypted Freedom Drive (you take it with you), it is provided so that, if you need it, you can shred files on the host.

We know that for most of our users, speed is a big factor and 90% of the time you won’t require “Deep Cover” but when you need it, it’s there. It’s simple to switch at will between your two desktops, “Hardened” and “Deep Cover”, by pressing Ctrl+F1 and Ctrl+F2.

Freedom Host Included: Also included on your Freedom Drive is a second Debian Linux Operating System designed to temporally replace your host computers Windows Operating System. A far more secure host for your Freedom Machine, protecting you from Ground Zero Threats. Please see Freedom Host and our Security Guide for more details.


The greatest target when someone wants to track you is your IP address. You should NEVER use the Freedom Machine if you are not connected through at least one VPN. A VPN is included in our Freedom Accounts. When you use a VPN, your actual IP is never available to any application executing in the Freedom Machine. We also mask the NIC address and any other known fingerprints. This, along with the firewall, makes it nearly impossible for a rouge application to send out location information.

Why two VPNs? Using a VPN from an outside source on the host machine masks what websites you are visiting. What you don’t realize is that your internet service provider is watching every time you connect to the Internet, and they store this information. For example, connecting to the Tor network is believed to get noticed, including by the NSA. Connecting to the Tor network without a VPN means that if you’re noticed, they have your IP and location.

Think of the VPN as a water hose. You can’t tell what is flowing through the hose without having access to at least one end. A VPN is the hose. Your service provider knows that you are attached it to a faucet, but they don’t know what is flowing through it.

Beware, it is also being reported by reliable sources that service providers (ISPs) are reporting that you use a VPN. It’s a numbers game. We recommend first connecting to a random Proxy Server and then start your VPN. As there are so many Proxy Servers, it is not flagged by your Service Provider. Future versions will support randomized Proxy Connections.


When your situation requires the highest levels of security available, the Freedom Drive comes with a bootable copy of Debian Linux. This OS has one job, to eliminate threats by malware, backdoors, key loggers and any screen loggers that exist on the Windows Host.

Simply put, the best way to be sure that you eliminate the many vulnerabilities that may already be installed in your Windows Host, is to not use Windows as the Host. Simply insert your Freedom Drive into the Host’s USB port and click “Restart”. The Host will automatically restart in a clean, safe version of Debian Linux.

Once loaded, you will enter your password and log in to your Freedom Machine.

Please learn how to protect yourself. See our Security Guide for more information on Ground Zero and online security.


It is getting difficult to get online accounts that don’t force you to disclose your personal information. Many companies will not allow you to use Tor or even a VPN when you sign up. Additionally, most of the services we recently tried to acquire, required that you verify your account by phone. Almost all of them required that it not be an IP phone (they want to know who you are). Even finding free or low cost accounts is now extremely difficult.

For these reasons, we created the Freedom Account. Your Freedom Account offers email, messaging, voice and video accounts. These accounts are designed to work with the Freedom Drive, providing one of the safest and easiest to use environments available. Additionally, all of these accounts are designed to encrypt your documents and communication.

While we would love to offer this service for free, we do charge a fee. The Freedom Account can also be used with many open source products. The Freedom Drive can also use online services that comply to industry standards.


Most users find the Freedom Drive experience so good they never want to install software again. Just think, if your computer crashes, you buy a new one then plug in your thumb drive and you’re up and running in a minute or two. And it’s fast, really fast, and secure.

We believe Windows is not a safe host: To be fair, Windows runs the majority of the world’s computers and therefore is a hacker’s biggest target. That “hacker tag” now includes government three letter agencies. It has been well-documented that Microsoft put a back door into Windows that can, and we believe, is being used by those agencies.

Even though your Linux virtual machine comes complete with a locked-down firewall, its own VPN, and anti-virus software, it is highly recommended that your host is also running the same setup, including its own VPN.

Ground Zero: This is the computer you insert your thumb drive into.  Be aware that if it’s infected, we can’t protect you from BIOS and hardware level spyware, or from key and screen loggers or screen recorders that were loaded before you started your Freedom Drive.

We highly recommend for those that need enhanced security (like whistle blowers) that you boot your computer with the Debian Linux OS provided on your Freedom Drive. Once rebooted under Linux, it will be a much safer host. However, we know most of you can’t or aren’t willing to do this, so please read the next paragraph, and please read our Security Guide.

For those who use MS Windows, we have provided a Securing Windows guide with links to some  software we use ourselves. We didn’t commission these products, nor do we sell them or receive any compensation for providing links to them. Use them at your own risk.  You should always ensure that your host is as secure as possible (when you can).  We link to Windows firewalls, anti key/screen loggers, and various security scans. Some are free, some are commercial products.


The Operating System and the drives on the Freedom Drive are always encrypted, so even if someone got your Freedom Drive, they would have to break encryption that is at the same standard as that used to protect U.S. Military Top Secret Documents.

Optionally, you can encrypt the entire Flash Drive with TrueCrypt before installing the Freedom Drive. And, you can have the Freedom Drive installed inside a TrueCrypt false bottom which TrueCrypt states gives you plausible deniability. This will require an additional password before loading the Freedom Machine.

While the Freedom Drive can be installed on standard hard disks, we highly recommend that it is installed on a USB 3.0, high-performance Flash Drive, although it will work on most flash drives. Why a flash drive? Because they are easily carried and if need be, disposed of.

The Freedom Drive designed to be used with at least one encrypted VPN to protect your location, as well as protect you from others viewing your information as it passes through the Internet. A second VPN should also be installed and used on the Host.

Your new Freedom Desktops run inside a window on your Host computer just like any application. You can also switch it to full screen mode without affecting any program running on the Host Machine.

Your Freedom Machine offers two levels of protection. Level I (“Hardened” Desktop) provides encrypted email, text and phone calls, along with a hardened version of Firefox.  Level II (“Deep Cover” Desktop) opens up the world of Tor. Tor was designed by the U.S. Navy to protect agents communication in hostile environments. Here, your email, messaging and browsing all go through the Tor Network. This provides considerably more protection of your location, and as a result, your identity.

We made design decisions in the Freedom Drive to give it extremely high levels of protection. But we also knew that if using the Freedom Drive wasn’t an enjoyable experience, most would not use it. Additionally, we provide a bootable Debian Linux Host to eliminate most Ground Zero attacks.

Can the system be defeated? Yes. It will take some real computing horsepower and the resources of agencies like the NSA. What the NSA is really doing is not glamorous enough to make the daily news. The real key to their power is that they watch all traffic, coming and going. If you are on their radar, they simply watch for when you get online and then watch for what sites are accessed in that same time-frame.

If we were to do it, we would watch traffic, then get a list of the sites that were connected to in the appropriate time-range. Let’s call that list ‘A’. On your second traffic package, we do the same, calling it list ‘B’. Now we compare list A to B to see what websites match, and create list ‘X’ for matched websites. By watching your traffic, on each ‘burst’, list ‘X’ gets smaller and smaller, until they ‘gotcha‘. If the website you are a frequent visitor of is on the radar, you are now under surveillance.

What’s really scary is, who decides just what is on the ‘radar’. The IRS?

The real key to our design was to make you a very expensive target, even for the NSA. You will want to become familiar with the options available for the Freedom Drive like full drive encryption and false bottoms for plausible deniability. The best security of all is that your history, documents and records are on a small, thumb-sized drive, so, If it fell into the ocean, did it ever exist?


The Freedom Drive has been made available as a free product for those who can’t afford to have it configured for them. We have also published the same detailed, step by step instructions we use, to help you create a secure environment with all of the features of the Freedom Drive. Please visit our Downloads Website to get your free Freedom Drive. Be sure to review our Configuration Guide for instructions on how to best configure it. We highly recommend that you read our Security Guide before you begin, as one mistake can jeopardize your security and anonymity.

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