Freedom Groups

Freedom GroupsNeed a safe place for your group without fear of IRS audit because of your politics? We’ve got the solution. Let us host your group for you in Amsterdam.

Designed to work hand in hand with our Freedom Bundle, your members identities and location will be unknown even to us. We offer low cost group hosting in Amsterdam at competitive pricing and speeds to U.S. group hosting.

Based on WordPress/Buddypress communities so you get a great place to both blog and communicate with your members. Your group can be public, members only or hidden, the choice is yours. Member messaging and Chat Rooms. Share Media and Documents. Your own Forum, Calendar and many other options.

Best of all, your members can all use their Freedom Bundle credentials so members will only be known by their Freedom “Handle” protecting their anonymity even if your group is compromised.

The Freedom Bundle was designed to work hand and hand with our Freedom Groups packages to keep members anonymous. If your anonymity is a factor, we highly recommend that you protect yourself with our Freedom Bundle or anonymity software you fully trust while visiting or contributing with your group.

Please note that we have limited certain plugins and themes in order to keep your group both safe and anonymous. We don’t believe that the vast majority of our groups will miss the removed plugins and themes, but just in case, we offer a 30 day no questions asked refund.

Visit our store, the Freedom Express, for the latest pricing and to get your Freedom Groups in Amsterdam.

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