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Freedom HostIs Windows Unsafe? With the number of attacks on Windows machines, the malwarespyware, rootkits, trojans, key loggers, screen loggers, and hacking and reports of the Windows backdoor they opened up to the NSA, we believe MS Windows is simply unsafe.

Your Freedom Drive comes complete with a Freedom Host. This is a hardened, minimal version of the Debian Linux Operating System, Lubuntu. When your Freedom Drive is plugged into a USB port, you simply click “Restart” on the Windows “Start Menu”, Lubuntu is booted and your Freedom Machine is now started in a Linux Hosted Virtual Machine.

It works just like when you use it on Windows with the exception that a Linux Version of VirtualBox is used to execute the same appliance (Freedom Machine). Just like our Windows version, VirtualBox is automatically started and your Freedom Machine is loaded. In this case we call it boot-and-go.

Please see our Security Guide for a full definition of Ground Zero hazards and how many of those hazards are prevented by using the Freedom Host.

What will be prevented: Windows based malwarespyware, rootkits, Trojans, Keyloggers, Screenloggers and backdoors can all but be eliminated by rebooting in the Freedom Host. If you boot in Windows, even the Freedom Machine can’t protect you from hidden, system-level threats running before the Freedom Machine was started.

What won’t be prevented: If you suspect that you or someone who uses your computer is being targeted, there is a good chance that the computer has been infected with malware or spyware installed in your computer’s BIOS, Flash Memory, Hardware or devices where the NSA has backdoors, do not use that computer.

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